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Telephone in Spain Phrases – Using phones in Spain

Are you worried about how to call Spain in order to book your hotel room or rent a car? For sure, before coming to the Mediterranean, you need to make a phone call to Spain. Later on, once you arrive to your holiday destination, you will also look to make a phone call from Spain. Perhaps you need to phone the UK from Spain or make some international calls to Spain? What is the international phone code for Spain?
You can find answers to these questions in the following list of several expressions and terms which could help you when using telephone in Spain.

Asking for a phone in Spain

Hay algún teléfono por aqui? – Is there any phone near here?
Podría usar su teléfono, por favor? – Could I use your phone, please?
Tiene una guía de teléfonos de la ciudad? – Do you have a city phone directory
Tiene una guía de teléfonos de la provincia? – Do you have a regional phone directory

Asking for Spain telephone numbers and Spain phone codes

Note: Spain telephone country code is +34

Me podría dar el número de información? – Could you give me the number for directory enquiries?
Me podría dar el prefijo de Madrid? – Could you give me the dialing code for Madrid?
Me podría dar el código internacional de España? – Could you give me the Spain international phone code?
Hay que marcar primero el cero? – Do I have to dial zero first?

Other useful expressions when using telephone in Spain

Cuanto cuesta por minuto? – What is the charge per minute?
Quiero hacer una llamada de cobro revertido. – I would like to make a reverse-charge call.
Me podría poner con la habitación 123? – Could you put me through to the room 123?
Ha habido alguna llamada para mi? – Have there been any calls for me?
Con quién hablo? – Who is this?
Perdone, me he equivocado de número. – Sorry, I have dialed the wrong number.
Quisiera hablar con María. – I would like to talk with María.
No le oigo. – I can not hear you.
Hay alguien que hable inglés? – Is there anyone who speaks English?
Mi número es 123 44 55. – My number is 123 44 55.
Podría dejar un mensaje? – Could I leave a message?
Volveré a llamar mañana. – I will call back tomorrow.
Podría decirle que me llame? – Could you ask him/her to call me back?

What could you hear when using phones in Spain:

Se ha equivocado de número. – You have dialed the wrong number.
La línea está ocupada. – The line is busy.
Quiere esperar? – Do you want to hold?
No contestan. – There is no answer.
Un momento, por favor. – One moment, please.
Ahora le paso. – Putting you through.
No está en estos momentos. – He/she is not available at the moment.
Quiere dejar algún mensaje? – Would you like to leave a message?
Le llaman por teléfono. – There is a phone call for you.

A list of terms related to phone calls Spain

Tarjeta de teléfono – Phone card
Cabina – Phone box
Número de teléfono – Phone number
Prefijo – Dialing code
Prefijo internacional – International dialing code
Móvil – Mobile phone
Contestador – Answer phone
Cobro revertido – Reverse charges
Mensaje – Message
Guía telefónica – Directory
Servicio de información telefónica – Directory enquiries

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