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Spain Car Accident Phrases – Having a car accident in Spain

A list of Spanish English expressions you could need in a case of having a car accident in Spain:

He tenido un acidente. – I had an accident.
Mi coche está averiado. – My car is broken.
Necesito una grúa. – I need a tow truck.
Habrá que llamar a la grúa. – We will have to call a tow truck.
Podría remolcarme hasta la gasolinera? – Could you tow me to a petrol station?
Podría remolcarme hasta un taller mecánico? – Could you tow me to a garage?
Me he quedado sin gasolina. – I have run out of petrol.
Mi mujer está herida. – My wife is injured.
Mi marido está herido. – My husband is injured.
Yo estoy bien. – I am fine.
Puede llamar a una ambulancia? – Can you call an ambulance?
Es grave? – Is it serious?
Estoy herido. – I am injured.
No estoy herido. – I am not injured.
Puede llamar a la policía? – Can you call the police?
Me puede indicar su número de seguro? – Can you give me your insurance number?
Cuál es su compañía de seguros? – Who is your insurer?
Quisiera un intérprete. – I would like an interpreter.
Fue culpa suya. – It was your fault.
Fue culpa mia. – It was my fault.
Yo tenía preferencia. – I had right of way.
Este señor (esta señora) ha visto lo que ha pasado. – This man (this woman) saw what had happened.

Talking to a police officer – Spanish phrases you need, questions in Spanish you could ask, expressions you could hear:

Sí agente. – Yes officer.
No agente. – No officer.
Ésta es la documentación del coche. – Here is the log book.
Éste es mi DNI. – This is my ID card.
Éste es mi permiso de conducir. – This is my driving licence.
He perdido mi DNI / (mi permiso de conducir). – I have lost my ID card (my driving licence).
Me han robado el equipaje del coche. – My luggage was stolen from the car.
Hay dos testigos. – There are two witnesses.
Necesito un certificado para mi seguro. – I need a certificate for my insurance.
Quisiera llamar a un abogado. – I would like to call a lawyer.
Quisiera denunciar un acidente. – I would like to report an accident.
Dónde está la comisaría más cercana? – Where is the nearest police station?
Puedo consultar al consulado del Reino Unido (de los Estados Unidos)? – Can I call UK (UK) consulate?
Su carné de conducir, por favor. – May I see your driving licence?
Ha bebido algo de alcohol? – Have you been drinking?
Por favor, acompáñeme a la comisaría. – Please, come with me to the police station.
Todo está en orden. Muchas gracias. – Everything seems to be OK. Thank you very much.

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