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Using Buses in Spain Phrases- Bus Travel Spain

A list of Spanish – English phrases for travelers using bus in Spain:

Dónde está la estación de autobuses, por favor? – Where is the bus station, please?
Dónde está la parada de autobuses? – Where is the bus stop?
Cuál es el autobús para Benidorm? – Which is the bus for Benidorm?
A qué hora sale el próximo autobús? – What time is the next bus?
A qué hora sale el primer autobús? – What time is the first bus?
A qué hora sale el último autobús? – What time is the last bus?
Dónde puedo comprar los billetes? – Where could I buy tickets?
Puedo utilizar bono-bus? – Could I use the travel card?
Cuánto tarda en llegar? – How long does it take?
Cuánto tengo que esperar? – How long do I have to wait?
Dónde tengo que bajar? – Where do I have to get off?
Tengo que bajarme aquí? – Do I have to get off here?
Ya hemos pasado la calle … ? – Have we already passed … street?
La próxima parada, por favor. – Next stop, please.
Me podría avisar cuando lleguemos a Gran Via, por favor? – Could you tell me when we get to Gran Via street, please?

Spain Bus – What you could hear:

Billetes, por favor. – Tickets, please.
Este billete no es válido – (para esta zona). – This ticket is not valid (for this zone).
Tiene usted que pagar una multa. – You have to pay a fine.
Próxima parada, Avenida Alfonso El Sabio. – Next stop, Alfonso El Sabio Avenue.

Bus Spain – useful words:

billete – ticket
abono / bono – bus travel card
semanal – weekly
mensual – monthly
anual – annual
zona – zone
asiento – seat
conductor – driver
parada – (bus) stop
parada solicitada – requested stop
entrada – entry
salida – exit
transporte público – public transport
tramvia – tram
autobús – bus

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