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Check out the best Gay Bars in Alicante!

The top 10 gay bars in Alicante, Spain

Alicante is one of Spain’s most gay-friendly cities, with a thriving gay community and plenty of bars, clubs and saunas catering to the gay crowd. The city also has a number of gay-friendly hotels and beaches, making it a popular destination for gay tourists from all over the world. In recent years, Alicante has seen a boom in tourism, with more and more people looking for the ‘real’ Spain. This has only helped to boost the city’s already thriving gay scene. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or a relaxing day by the beach, Alicante has something for everyone in the gay community.

Gay Bars Alicante - Gspot Benidorm

Are you looking for gay bars in Alicante? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will go through several Alicante bay bars and discuss which ones are the best. We also went through some of your queries related to bars.

What are the10 best gay bars in Alicante?

Here are some of the most well known and popular Alicante gay bars:

Blue Dome (La Cupula Azore)

This is a bar in the center of Alicante; it is popular for its cabaret performances and drags acts held every week on Thursday night.

Canibal Pub

This pub is popular with young gals, guys, and gays. Canibal Pub is an institution in Alicante that serves delicious drinks and food. The dance floor usually gets packed in the evenings and is perfect for those that want to dance to Whitney, Madonna, and other Pop divas.

Lion Sports Bar

The Lion Sports bar is a friendly and fun bar with a gay-friendly staff. The bar is located a short distance from the bullring and the central market. It is a perfect place to sit on warm evenings, and seating inside the bar is also easily available.

Customers have also stated that the bar owner is extremely accommodating, and the bar is one of the well-priced bars in Alicante.


Destiny is a gay-friendly bar located in the Old Town of Benidorm. The bar offers a friendly and comfortable environment that everyone can enjoy. The bar has spirits of all the top brands, so there will surely be a drink for you.

Company Bar

Company Bar is also located in Benidorm and is popular with bears and cubs, dads and sons, straight singles, couples, and LGBT. The bar offers a large terrace to sit and enjoy spirits, wines, beers, coffee, and teas. The bar is open throughout the week and opens at 5 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 9 pm on Sunday.

Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter is a popular gar bar in Alicante; it offers a busy crowd, music, and a fantastic atmosphere. This is a gay bar, and the management has made the bar comfortable for gays to come and enjoy.

Gspot Benidorm

Gspot Benidorm is a gay bar and has received praise from customers and as the name suggests its located in Benidorm which is part of Alicante province. This bar has a 5-star customer rating, and the reason for that is that it has an extremely friendly owner. The customers have also lauded the service, so head over to the bar right now if you are in Benidorm.


Sensation also has a 5-star customer rating; it offers a great atmosphere for gays and is open until late. Customers have stated the bar has a welcoming atmosphere, great tunes, and fantastic. We are sure you will have a great time at the Sensations bar.

Bar Code

While Bar Code might be a bit smaller in size than other Gay Bars in Alicante, it has been praised by the customers. The bar has welcoming owners, a great atmosphere, and complimentary sandwiches. When looking for Alicante Bay Bars, this bar should be on your bucket list.

Eagle Bar

Eagle Bar has also received praise from the customers, who have stated that the barman is very friendly. The bar offers a pleasant and comfortable environment for gays. While the bar is busier in the summer months, you will have a wonderful time if you get the chance to go in.

Which Gay Bars in Alicante are the Best?

This is a difficult question because it all comes down to what you are looking for. If a bar fulfils all your requirements, you will probably go there again and again. However, we would recommend visiting bars that have a 4 or 5-star customer rating.

Try to get into 5-star bars, but if you can’t find a decent bar, you can go for a 4-star bar. These bars are the best ones, and you will have a good time. Its worth looking on Facebook of Google Places when you are in Alicante and listing “gay bars near me” and seeing what other people recommend. Its always good to read some reviews too!

What to consider before visiting gay bars?

Here are three things that you should be aware of before visiting a gay bar:

You can visit a bar just to make friends

You don’t have to do much at the bar you can simply go and try to make some new friends there is no pressure and most are very inviting and friendly.

Your straight friends can also join you

You can definitely take your ally or straight friends to the gay bars. However, you should only do this if you are comfortable bringing them and they are also comfortable.

No need to flirt with anyone, but you can if you want to

At bars, it is up to individuals if they want to flirt with someone or not. The benefit of visiting a gay bar is the high chance you might find someone in your dating pool.

Here are some other gay bars Alicante has to offer:

La Cupula Azul Bar Alicante 
Av. Oscar Espla 2, Alicante, Spain

(replacing “Missing” bar)
Calle Gravina st. 4

Barón de Finestrat st. 3

La Cupula Azul
Avenida Oscar Esplá avenue, 2

Dr. Ramón y Cajal avenue

San Juan Bosco st. 6

Barón de Finestrat st. 5

Virgen de Belén st. 15

Raco de molt fort
Santos médicos st. 6 (el Barrio)

El Forat
Plaza Santa Faz square (el Barrio)

Bilbao street 6, Alicante Spain
Situated close to Rambla avenue and Explanada promenade


Other interesting bars

Address: Lauradors street, 22 Alicante Spain
Situated in El Barrio, close to Rambla Avenue

El Coscorrón
Address: Tarifa, 3 Alicante Spain
Situated in El Barrio, close to the Cathedral. The best place to enjoy a mojito drink. Be very careful when entering. You can bump your head very hard. The door is just 150 cm high!

Alicante is one of Spain’s gay-friendly cities with a growing gay community. The city offers plenty of gay bars, clubs, beaches, and hotels that cater to the needs of the gay community. Alicante also has a gay scene that is thriving and welcoming to all. The city is a great place to visit for anyone looking to experience the ‘real’ Spain.


Hopefully, the bars discussed in this article are what you were looking for. Please go through the information regarding all the Gay Bars in Alicante and as always be safe out there and have fun!

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