A Guide to Benijofar Alicante

A Guide to Benijofar, Alicante


Benijofar in Alicante is one of the many Spanish towns to visit and enjoy. You can see a castle, beach, museums and shopping. In this guide, you’ll learn about all of these aspects of this wonderful town.

Castle of Santa Barbara

Located on top of Mount Benacantil in Alicante, the Castle of Santa Barbara is one of the most well-preserved medieval fortresses in Spain. Visitors can explore three different levels of the castle. The lowest level was built in the 18th century, while the highest level is home to the governor’s house and a hospital.

The fortress was originally built by the Carthaginians in the early fourth century, and later by the Romans. The Arabs also took part in the construction of the fortress, though it was used by Christians after the Muslim occupation of Levante lands ended in the ninth century.

Today, the fortress is a popular tourist attraction. The history of the fortress is interesting, and visitors can enjoy some stunning views.

The fortress has been rebuilt several times, most recently by Peter IV of Aragon in 1296. There is a small museum in the castle, and paintings of the castle’s history are on display.


Benijofar is one of the most popular destinations for Europeans in Spain. Located on the southern coast of Costa Blanca, it offers its visitors a tranquil countryside environment. In addition, it is close to many popular tourist attractions. The town is situated between two of the most important airports in Spain.

The airports are only a short drive away, making it easy for you to get to Benijofar. Both airports offer good parking facilities. Alternatively, you can use the A7 motorway. You can also reach Benijofar by train, taking 30 minutes.

The beaches in Benijofar are ideal for water sports lovers. The town is also home to El Secano Park. There are also private gyms and golf courses in the area. There are also several restaurants and tapas bars in the area.


Benijofar is a town that is popular with retirees and expats. It is located in the southern part of the province of Alicante. It is close to the beaches of Guardamar del Segura and is also within easy reach of Torrevieja, Algorfa, La Zenia, and San Fulgencio.

Despite its small size, Benijofar offers a wealth of services, including health care, schools, libraries, and parks. Many people from all over Europe live here, and they enjoy the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

You can find a wide variety of shops in Benijofar. From a traditional English bakery to Chinese restaurants, you will be able to find what you are looking for. Some shops also cater to UK expats. The biggest supermarket in the area, Mercadona, has a large store in Benijofar, and it is similar to Sainsbury’s in the UK.

Cost of living

Benijofar as it is also known is a popular town outside of Alicante. It is located on Spain’s Costa Blanca and offers a nice climate and an exciting nightlife. Alicante has a sizable expat community, with many people coming from the U.K., Northern Europe, and Latin America.

Alicante is a very accessible city with great transport links. The train stations are easy to get to, and the airport is just a short walk away. The city has a lot to offer both tourists and permanent residents. Alicante is also home to a large number of parks and other facilities.

Compared to other major Spanish cities, Alicante has some of the lowest costs of living. For example, a two-bedroom apartment is a good deal cheaper than a similar size apartment in Barcelona. However, the cost of living in Alicante can vary greatly depending on where you live.


There are a number of museums in Alicante, Spain. These include the Alicante Archaeological Museum, which is home to artifacts and displays from the prehistoric, medieval and modern periods. Its permanent exhibitions are divided into eight galleries, which showcase a range of historical and archaeological sites. The museum also offers a guided tour of its extensive collection.

Alicante’s most famous festival is the Bonfires of St John, which take place every June. The celebration is one of the biggest in the region. During this time, colorful effigies are burned on the beach. The museum is dedicated to the festival, with real effigies on display. The museum includes a section displaying the costumes of the area, as well as models and projected videos.

Alicante has an extensive collection of contemporary art. The Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante is located in a 17th-century baroque building. It houses 200 pieces of art. Visitors can see works from Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro.

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